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39" Normal - Short Grip (Kizuna)
39" Normal - Short Grip (Kizuna)
Handle diameter of approx 26mm.

Like the Namisei, the Normal (Short Grip) (Kizuna) shinai is well balanced, and well suit for anyone who is new or experienced with Kendo. This shinai has a shorter handle for those who have slightly shorter arms and hands.

*This Shinai can undergo a special oil treatment where it is soaked in a special oil formula. A process that will take 5 days to complete. This will make the Shinai last longer in area that has a low humidity (dry environment), it also makes the Shinai more impact resistant and longer durability.

*currently women weight size is not available.

** Limited Quantity SALE **
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  B_HK27 39" Normal - Short Grip (Kizuna)- Bamboo only List Price: $78.40
Our Price: $56.99
    39" Normal - Short Grip (Kizuna)- Fully Aseembled Our Price: $71.99
SALE Price: $63.00
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