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Zen Gold Gihousaku Rei #11000 Hakama
The Zen Gold Gihousaku Hakama Rei Silk is bushu Indigo Blue dyed and steam treated. The material is of a higher quality than the Zen Silver Gihousaku Hakama and the threading is high as well. This is Hakama and excellent for grading and presentation. This Hakama is mostly worn by Senior Dan holders and often attend Kendo seminars. The Hakama is also excellent for training.

  Recommended Dan Examination!!!

This Hakama was made by superior cutting technology and special iron technology of Sankei.
The characteristic of this Hakama is hard to lose shape and a fold is hard to open.

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C_H3 Zen Gold Gihousaku Rei Hakama List Price: $389.99
Our Price: $349.99
  Speicial SALE Price: $319.99
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